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....bringing music, singing, performance, and kids together


St. Judes concert 2015

St. Judes concert 2015


 Kids need more opportunities  to perform.  Kids need more music.  Kids need to sing.  Kids need a chance to build relationships that require them to work, support and encourage each other.  Kids need to learn how to blend their voices and talents to create something beautiful. THIS IS OUR MISSION.

Since the conception of SING LIC we have taught kids basic singing technique, theory and ear training. They have learned performing arts skills, through movement,  and by tapping into the meaning and emotion of a song.  They discover how music makes them feel, and how they can communicate to an audience. 

Through our time together the kids have learned

  • More about music, what it means to be a good musician
  •  How to be responsible to a group
  •  How to take a chance to express themselves and not to be afraid.
  •  Gain confidence and the idea that they can do something bigger than themselves.

We bring music to the world through singing - one performer at a time.