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....bringing music, singing, performance, and kids together


We bring music to the world through singing - one performer at a time!



Our Mission

Kids need more opportunities to perform. Kids need more music. Kids need to sing. Kids need a chance to build relationships that require them to work, support, and encourage each other. Kids need to learn how to blend their voices and talents to create something beautiful. THIS IS OUR MISSION. Learn More


Our Programs

Sing LIC offers a variety of classes based on the age level of children in Brooklyn and Long Island City. Each work we work on basic singing technique, musicianship, ear training, ensemble work, and performing arts skills. We explore self-expression through movement and improvisation in both musical and theatre games. We also encourage kids to take chances by performing for one another and contributing to the group so they can be a part of the creative process. Sometimes this is a musical idea, and sometimes it's choreography. The end goal is to perform before an audience and we aim for three "gigs" per semester. Check out classes below!